Planning a Wedding in Nashville

August 25th, 2012 |

I really do not have to do a lot to get ready for the wedding. I am not being entrusted with that much and it is not like I am going to complain about that. If it were up to me we would just drive down to the Gulf Coast and get married in a casino, then gamble away all the money this wedding will cost. Actually I would use it to make a huge down payment on a house on the Cumberland river. Instead I have to look for wedding photography in nashville today. I have a lot of time to find one and I am going to try not to seem that competent at it. I figure that if I act like I know what I am doing Shell’s mom will start trusting me to do lots of stuff. I will make sure to find someone who does good work with both still cameras and video cameras of course. I just do not intend to tell anyone that I have not put it off.

Of course the wedding is going to be outdoors and I am thinking that might pose a big problem for the videotaping. There’ll be a couple hundred people the way it looks now. We shall have a band too and it is going to be a pretty good sized party. So there will be a lot for a single wedding photographer to do. I am guessing it might take a good sized team of them. We definitely want to make sure that they film it in high definition too. It seems that they would have to have the latest cameras to be in this business, but it would be foolish of me not to make certain of that. I have seen a lot of old wedding tapes that look pretty grainy now. No reason not to have this done right.


Jobs for Artists in Chicago

November 1st, 2012 |

I am going to graduate from Art School in about a year. Right now I do some independent contracting as a Graphic Artist and I do a few commissioned works, but that does not do much beyond covering some of my living expenses. I still have a job working about 25 to 30 hours per week in a local restaurant as a waiter. Of course I also help out in other ways. My big worry is about what I shall do when I graduate. I will likely get a job as a chicago art teacher for the short term, unless I can find some alternative where I can actually get paid to sculpt or paint. I am pretty good at both of those things, but I need a lot of work before I could really hope to earn a decent living at it. I know that I can get a teaching degree, but I am not really sure that I shall be able to easily find a teaching job.

Obviously when the economy is bad the states have less income from taxing economic activity. That in turn means they have less money for essential services and for Education. Art education is an easy target. People will vote for roads and things like police way ahead of Art. You do not really need art unless it is something which you are passionate about. I really enjoy art and I hope to earn a living doing it, but if there are not any teaching jobs open I am not really sure if it is going to work out. I have literally sold my art on the streets a few times and earned a little bit of money doing it, but when you do the math it just does not work out to a living wage.